Adriana Carrig of Little Words Project

Female Entrepreneur and CEO going on 10 Years in Business

Adriana Carrig is a 31 year old woman who created her current multi-million dollar business 8 years ago in her parent's basement. She has experience in product development, consumer marketing, social media growth, and starting, running, and growing your own business. Featured in Forbes and other notable publications, Adriana is always quoted saying that her ticket to success has been her ability to believe in herself. She doesn't get bogged down by how difficult something "may be" but rather - is a big proponent of "just starting somewhere." She can help you take the next (or first) step towards your dreams by encouraging you to do what you love, and believe in what you're capable of.

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Adriana Carrig of Little Words Project

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Have questions about starting or running a business? Let’s talk. I am here to offer insight and advice on all things getting your business going and helping it succeed. Whether you’re just starting out and need tips on how to grow your business or running a much larger organization but need tips on connecting with your community- I’m your girl.  Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration and some positive encouragement to help you get your creative vision going. I can also help any Boss Moms out there that are looking for support with balancing running a business and being an awesome Mom.

With me, you’ll learn how to believe in yourself and build a business that succeeds!

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