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Financial Influencer | Money Coach

I first started the blog Jamila's Two Cents back in 2019 to share my story on how I paid off $83,000 in student loans. Since then, I've dedicated my time into writing about and researching all things personal finance. My goal is to educate others with the personal finance topics that I've found most helpful (and successful) in my own experiences, and to help raise financial literacy for the next generation.

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I'm here to help you become wealthy!

Whether you're paying off thousands of dollars of student loan debt, figuring out how to plan for retirement, trying to start a budget, or jumping into the investment pool I'm happy to help you! I share tips and tricks on how to manage your money better and get you on the right track for your financial future!

My sessions are intended for those who are seeking to manage their money better or just get a basic understanding of their personal finances.  

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