Madison Kahn

Style Influencer, Creator, and Podcast Host

I'm a fashion enthusiast, podcaster, artist, and content creator living in NYC. Though a fashionista at heart, my love for the industry goes beyond the glamour and visuals. I am fascinated with understanding how consumers think and what compels them to add-to-bag and complete a purchase. I love the art of curating outfits and how confident I feel when I put on something epic. I share my daily outfits on my Instagram in hopes of inspiring others to play around with their styles and express themselves.

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Let me help you with your next passion project!

Whether you're thinking about social media, content creation, or podcasting: I can share my insights on how to get started, grow an audience, and build a sustainable social presence (that's also profitable).

Interested in starting a podcast? I am the co-founder of a fashion podcast called Haute Takes. It was the perfect way for me to not only stay in tune with fashion’s fast paced changes, but also challenge myself personally and professionally. I have a lot of tips and tricks to share about getting started.

Or, want to talk style? Let's build your wardrobe or outfit together for everyday or that special night out.

Looking forward to chatting with you!

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