Nadia Josse

Breathwork Facilitator

I am a seeker. I’ve always tried things, to be better, to feel better. From yoga to meditation or Reiki. I read all the books and took all the courses. Nothing changed my life more than Breathwork did. This is when I knew, from the first session I took, that I wanted to share this practice with the world.

I grew up in France and moved to NYC in 2010. Little did I know this would be the city I call home. I work in Fashion and the fast paced lifestyle of the city combined with a highly demanding and stressful industry led me to searching for myself deeper. I needed to be grounded more than ever. More than ever I needed help. It took me a few years to find Breathwork through the work of my teachers David Elliott and Erin Telford. I never looked back. Breathwork allowed me to find my authentic self, joy, calm and peace. It allowed me to heal the wounds of my childhood and deprogram my brain to use unhealthy coping mechanism to survive.

I’m honored you are here with me on this journey.

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Nadia Josse

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Together we will assess where you are and your priorities and goal for your session. I will lead you through a Breathwork session customized for your needs. We can build towards a successful Breathwork practice that you can do on your own.

Be ready to clear the old, let go of limiting beliefs and blocks. You will release trauma, cleanse and reset your nervous system - so you can live your life with more joy, peace clarity. I also lead my clients into a very powerful manifestation practice where they can create from a place of clarity, deep connection to source and intuition.

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